Tips for beginners on how to play Pok Deng

The game ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ is also called Pok Kao. This card game is loved by people in Thailand. The aim of the game is to have one digit that can defeat the dealer’s card. It is a great playing pattern and it can have 2 to 17 players which include the dealer.

How to play the game, Pok Deng?

If you are thinking about playing using real money. You need to be attentive or you can avoid it because playing gambling in Thailand is illegal. Other Thai locals are using chips, candies, or drinks to be a substitute for money.

Once the bets are all in place the dealer then shuffles the cards. There will be 2 cards for each player with the dealer to be the last. The players can decide if they want to stand or draw another card. After that, the dealer will compare their cards to each player. The dealer will then draw an extra card before assessing the cards again to other players.

What are the card values?

In this game, there are three factors to know the player’s score. These are the numerical value (taem), best multiplicator (Deng), and type of the hand.

The numerical value of the hand is equal to a one-digit of the sum of the cards. It is not important if the 10 cards have 10 or 0 values. Here is a scenario, there is a hand with a 2 and 4 it has a 6 numerical value. It is the same as there is a hand with 8 and 8 which is equal to 16. And one’s value of 6. There is also a hand with a 10 and 6 it also has a 6 numerical value.

The bet multiplier or Deng will rely on the relationship on the cards in hand. For example:

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Song Deng

When the player has only two cards in their hand it is either a flush, a number, or letter pair, sharing the same suit. The bonus for this hand can be twice the original bet.

Sam Deng

The player has a Sam Deng and once the player has 3 cards sharing the same suit. The prize would be more than three times the original bet. Other kinds of gameplay allow 3 straight cards to be called Sam Deng. But the straight cant is around from the Ace to Two or oppositely.

Once the hand does not have a special property it is called one Deng. The Pok has maybe one or two Deng while a normal hand can have one to three Deng. The game Pok Deng has different hand types. Below are the types in a decreasing rank.


The player’s starting hand has a value of eight or nine.


The player has three cards that have the same numbers or letters which is known as three of a kind. It can beat Sam lueang and the Deng of five.

Sam lueang/Sam krabeung

The player has three face cards that do not match. This can beat a normal hand and a three Deng.


It is any other type of hand.