Terms you need to know about Blackjack

While you can get through just using these terms, in order to better understand what’s going on and have a chance to win, we recommend that you look at the blackjack phrases below. Click here for แบล็คแจ็คออนไลน์. 


When the dealer and the player have the same score and the hand is a tie. Your bet is returned.

It consists of any ace and a face. You generally pay 3: 2, but on rare occasions this can vary. Visit this site for แบล็คแจ็ค.


A player has the option to double his original bet if he feels that one or more cards will be enough to beat the dealer’s hand.

Some online casinos allow you to double down when you have two cards of any type while others limit doubling only for hands where you have values ​​of 9, 10 and 11. 


When the first two cards are equal, the player has the option of splitting them into two hands. In online casinos, the original bet you place before splitting is added to the second hand.

The two hands are then played separately, and the usual rules of the game apply. In some variations of online blackjack, players are even allowed to double down after the first split.

Playing Online Casinos


The least common option in blackjack. In fact, very few casinos offer this option. By surrendering the player recovers half his bet if he is not happy with the first two cards he receives.


Insurance is the least friendly bet for blackjack players. Insurance is offered when the dealer’s card is an ace and the player is given the opportunity to take insurance by betting that the dealer will have a blackjack. The insurance premium is half of your original bet. If the dealer hits blackjack, then insurance pays 2: 1 (unless it’s a push / tie).

Rule Variations

The rules of the game of blackjack are generally laid out clearly at the table. The way the dealer acts is governed by some pretty strict rules that affect the chances of winning.

Of these rules, most are the same in all blackjack games, but there are some that can be changed. The most significant of these for a player: the total a dealer can plant into. Here we present the two main variations.

The dealer deals all numbers up to and including soft 17s (a soft 17 is when the hand does not have an ace or the ace has a value of 1).

The dealer deals on all numbers up to and including 16 but stands on all 17s.

Of these two variations, the last one benefits the player the most, since the house edge is reduced by 0.2%.

The number of decks is also another factor that changes things. However, when playing blackjack online, the impact of this difference is greatly reduced as the cards are automatically shuffled after each hand. Even so, it’s still preferable to play blackjack with a few decks – but maybe it’s just an old habit.