It is commonly seen in casinos. It has many names like a fruit machine, puggy, the slots, poker machine. It has a variety of names in different parts of the world. It is the machine used in gambling. They are also called as a one-armed bandit as it empties customer pockets and also looks heavy with levers attached to it. It has two-three slot online reels in it these reels spin when the game is activated. Now the modern machines replaced the old lever machines and have random number generators usually operated by touch screens or buttons. They also have one or more currency detectors. These are the most popular machines in casinos. whereas digital technology has replaced the original slot machine concept. The name itself indicates the purpose of the slot machine game from slots means inserting and retrieving the coins. The first slot machine was made in 1891 and it has undergone several modifications since then. It had 5 drums with 50 cards based on poker. Later in the early 90’s it was modified and contained three spinning wheels and 5 symbols with a liberty bell. In the late ’90s, the electromechanical machine came into existence and through time there are many modifications is usually operated with coins or barcode tickets. the ticket or coin is inserted and a lever or button is pressed to activate the spin. as the spin is activated the symbols are arranged and according to the symbols, credit is given to the player. each casino has its theme based on celebrities, tv shows, musicians, etc. There are multi-line slot machines, traditional three-reel machines, and video slot machines. payouts are calculated differently for each machine. in reel machines a maximum number of coins have to be played for maximum jackpots. whereas in video machines fixed payout values are multiplied by the number of coins.

Terms in a slot machine:

1.Bonus; bonuses vary depending on the game, some bonuses are from free spins. 2.A coin hopper is a container that contains coins. meter is the display of the amount of money on the machines and credits are also displayed.

4.dropbox is the box under the machine for collecting excess coins.

Slot is most played in casinos. nowadays it is widely played online . It has a huge following worldwide. A slot machine is a gambling machine used in many gambling games in casinos. Slot machines are used for decades in various gambling transformed into the present form after many modifications through the years. It is also called fruit machine as the reel used to have different fruit stickers stuck on it the name fruit machine evolved. However, the slot machines played in the olden days can be cheated with the magnet under the table but in modern tables, since they are operated with software. Anyways, playing slot machines in casinos is fun. There are some changes to improve at slot machines: to choose high payout and choose a slot with the highest return.