Live Betting: Automatic VIP Membership

A bettor should always look for a good and safe gambling field. Now, if you are planning to start the gambling journey online, you must find a good betting site. Either a casino or live betting site, it must be a safe gambling field to secure your safety. The bk8 is the safest gambling online where you can experience live betting for casino ball games. No doubt, many bettors are having fun with the new trend of betting. Pandemic had brought a lot of changes in the world today, including how gamblers switched into the online gambling course.

Bet for casino games

Players would browse the live betting site to look for a game like 918kiss to play. Once you open the live betting site, you are provided with a list of casino and ball games, namely;

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Slots
  • Live poker
  • Live Football and more

These are among the trendiest live betting games that punters get addicted to. All these games can be played by a punter with 1 user ID and password. Yes, it is a requirement to have a user ID and password. It serves as passes to enter the live betting site.

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Member vs VIP

A player will always be a player on a betting site. But, as a player, it depends on you to level up the membership experience. Here is the difference between an ordinary member and VIP member:

  • Ordinary member. If you are an ordinary member, meaning, you have the chance of getting the welcome packaged known as the welcome bonus of 300 baht. Some other bonuses, such as deposit and referral bonuses can be claimed too. For some other rewards and promotions, yes you can avail it according to your performance on the game and the betting site. A player can win many times, even jackpot prizes can be won. Great experience, right?
  • VIP member. Now, with a VIP membership, it will change your betting world. All the rewards, bonuses, and promotions mentioned in the ordinary membership is entitled to you. Since you are a member of the site, then you can avail of all of them. But, being a VIP member means a lot on your end. In the other betting site, you need to register as a VIP member, as a requirement. But, in bk8, an ordinary member will automatically become a VIP member after placing a deposit within a month. You can’t have this kind of opportunity from the other live betting site, but only here!