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The country-owned BAAC, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives says its hundred and twenty billion baht savings lottery is witnessing brisk transactions, with over 82 billion baht meriting lottery-linked saving products sold in just a month.

Considering the robust demand, the bank currently expects the whole hundred and twenty billion baht to sell out by next month, ahead of the Sep target, said the executive VP Somkiat Kimawaha.


A saving lottery was sold at a hundred baht every unit has received a warm acknowledgement from the depositors. A no. of those who existed 35 to 40 billion baht meriting of the bank’s savings lottery purchased the retiring ones to shift the money to Kaset-Mung-Kung savings lottery, an official said.

The engaging return of a new saving lottery and an online subscription via the bank’s app also provided brisk sales. One said that adding the Mung-Kung 4 saving lottery targets middle-income earners.

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The saving lottery goes on to offer holders 0.75 baht on a 100-baht unit. Other than the first prize, the holders of savings are available for about 2.53 M prizes across the scheme, valued at about 163 M baht every month. However, state-backed farm banks will not be paying interest to a saving lottery holder when the unit is redeemed early.

BAAC intends to raise ten billion baht by providing another saving แทงหวย set, priced twenty baht each. The bank’s entire deposits amounting to 1.5 T baht, of which the farmers deposit about 300 B baht.

Bank’s Plan

Given a bank’s plan to raise the deposits and dispense savings lotteries, one said that BAAC would have adequate financial liquidity for the loan expansion targeted at about 95 billion baht in the financial year and the govt’s policies to assist the farmers.

To make financial security for the farmers, this bank intends to attract over 16 B baht in deposit or 27 per cent of a 60-billion target from the farmers.

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