7-27 Poker: A Basic Guide For Beginners

Poker, due to its increasing popularity, has plenty of different variations. You can visit BK8 ดีไหม for various Poker games. 7-27 is a variation of combined Poker and Blackjack. The game uses basic card counting and players can play for two pots. There are no wildcards in this game of four up to seven players.

The goal

The aim of 7-27 is to have the hand with a total point value of 7 or 27 without going over. A player playing for low but goes over the goal of 7 will continue taking cards and play for 27. The player loses the game if the hand goes over the 27 mark.

Pointing system

Each card has a value. Aces can be high or low depending on the situation. It can have a point value of either 1 or 11. All face cards get half a point and cards under a 10 get their face value. Let’s say you have A-6-9-Q-Q-3-J in your hand. You can then compute for the total point value as 1+6+9+0.5+0.5+3+0.5 and get the result of 20.5

Extra cards

Like in Blackjack, each player has the option to take more cards. It lets players see where their hand is in relation to the other players. Players who pass on new cards thrice will have their hand locked. They will not be able to receive any extra cards.

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How to play the game

  • Like most games in BK8, players have to place an ante before the dealing of the cards.
  • The dealer only starts dealing once the antes are all in. Each player receives one card face down and one face up.
  • Players can look at their own down card but not the card of other players. The face down card should not be face up during the game.
  • The player with the highest point card will start the betting round. 10, J, Q, and K are half a point so betting starts with the player whose hand is closest to a nine.
  • Each player lets the dealer know if they want an extra card.
  • Another betting round takes place after each player makes a decision. The betting starts again with the player with the highest hand.
  • The cycle continues until everyone passes on taking extra cards.
  • A final betting round then takes place. The player whose hand is closest to 27 and the one with the hand closest to 7 without going over splits the pot.